This is the most common question in paintball.  Being hit with a paintball is like being snapped with a wet towel.  It will sting at first but for the most part you won’t feel too much because of your adrenaline.  When you leave, you may have a small welt from the paintball contact.

There are several thing you can do before coming to Elite Sports Park.  You can fill out our online waiver to save you time, review our policies, rules, and code of conduct.

Yes the minimum age to play regular paintball at our fields is 10 yrs old. However, we do offer low impact paintball for ages 7 and up.

If you are under 18 you will need a parental guardian to sign your liability waiver.

You can make a reservation for a group party any day of the week.  This allows you and your group to play any of the courses with a private ref for 3 hours.

We also offer walk on play or general admission during normal business hours, which allows you to just show up and play with other walk on paintball players.  We divide everyone into teams on open play and each player picks which course they would like to play.

Elite Sports Park is a Field Paint Only (FPO) facility.  This means you can not bring your own paintballs to our complex.  Paintballs must be purchased on-site at our pro shop.  Anyone caught not using our paintballs will be immediately dismissed from our property without a refund and issued a 3 month ban from our complex.

Yes!  Paintball is very safe.  Just like other sports that have protective equipment and rules to follow paintball.  At Elite Sports Park we take safety very serious, we make sure all our participants are using proper barrel blocking devices and face masks.  We also chronograph each marker at our complex at 280 Feet Per Second (FPS).  Each group or open play participants will have a staff member out while you are playing paintball to insure safety.

Yes, the paint does wash out in hot soapy water. All of our paintballs are made of a food grade oil filler.

Wear: Tennis shoes, long sleeve pants, shirt, and hoodie (optional). 

Don’t Wear: Flip flops, jewelry, shorts or tank tops.

In additional to the following please do not bring any sort of weapons, alcohol, drugs, or bad attitudes to our paintball park.

We will play in the rain. But we will always give the scheduled groups a chance to choose to play or reschedule. If Thunder or lighting is in the area we will suspend play until it has moved out of the area. 

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