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Elite Sports - Paintball & Airsoft
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Elite Sports is Central Kansas’s premier paintball park and store offering everything you need in one convenient location including our world famous playing fields, fully stocked retail store, and award winning service center!

Whether you’re here for your paintball birthday party, paintball bachelor party, or just for some great weekend paintball and airsoft action, Elite Sports Park has you covered!



$29.99/ MONTH +TAX


$199.99 $89.99/ YEAR + TAX


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Health & Safety

Elite Sports - Paintball & Airsoft

Elite Sports Paintball is open!  Our facilities are available to book 7 days a week.  Book your next event with confidence that we are taking the necessary precautions to protect you and your family.

Low Impact Paintball

Elite Sports - Paintball & Airsoft
Kid playing low impact paintball at Elite Sports Paintball
A perfect starting point for beginners ages 7 and up! Low Impact paintball uses smaller paintballs and lighter equipment so it is easier for the player to handle. The smaller paintballs have less impact then traditional paintballs. Low impact paintball also allows you to get the flow of the game since the paintballs are shot at a lower feet per second.

Why People Love Us!

Elite Sports - Paintball & Airsoft

Paintball Is Fun & Safe

Elite Sports - Paintball & Airsoft

Yes!  Paintball is very safe.  Just like other sports that have protective equipment and rules to follow paintball.  At the complex we take safety very serious, we make sure all our participants are using proper barrel blocking devices and face masks.  We also chronograph each marker at our complex at 280 Feet Per Second (FPS).  Each group or open play participants will have a staff member out while you are playing paintball to insure safety.

This is the most common question in paintball.  Being hit with a paintball is like being snapped with a wet towel.  It will sting at first but for the most part you won’t feel too much because of your adrenaline.  When you leave, you may have a small welt from the paintball contact.

There are several thing you can do before coming to Elite Sports Park.  You can fill out our online waiver to save you time, review our policies, rules, and code of conduct.

Yes, the paint does wash out in hot soapy water. All of our paintballs are made of a food grade oil filler.

Ready To Take Your Best Shot?